The Band of Heathens
The Band of Heathens.PNG
Los Lonely Boys
Los Lonely Boys (Forgiven).PNG
Los Lonely Boys (Christmas).PNG
Robert Earl Keen
Robert Earl Keen (Rose Hotel).PNG
Robert Earl Keen (Confetti).PNG
Robert Earl Keen.PNG
Cory Morrow
Jason Boland & the Stragglers
Roger Creager
Jason Boland (comal).PNG
Jerry Jeff Walker
Jerry Jeff Walker (Moon Child).PNG
The Flatliners
Jason Boland (2).PNG
Roger Creager (1).PNG
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Ray Wylie Hubbard.PNG
Eleven Hundred Springs
Ray Wylie Hubbard (Snake).PNG
Joe Ely
Cory Morrow (Vagrants).PNG
Cory Morrow (Ten Years).PNG
Brandon Rhyder
Cory Morrow (The Good Fight).PNG
The Flatlanders.PNG
Eleven Hundred Springs.PNG
Joe Ely.PNG
Gaelic Storm
Brandon Rhyder (2).PNG
Brandon Rhyder (1).PNG
Ryan Beaver
Gaelic Storm (Rumpus).PNG
Blue Water Highway
Gaelic Storm (Wellies).PNG
Adam Carroll
Gaelic Storm (Chicken B).PNG
Peter Rowan
Gaelic Storm (Cabbage).PNG
Josh Grider
Ryan Beaver (1).PNG
Ryan Beaver (2).PNG
Blue Water Hwy.PNG
Adam Carroll.PNG
Peter Rowan.PNG
Josh Grider (1).PNG
Emory Quinn
Wood & Wire
Sons of Fathers
Martin Zellar
Emory Quinn.PNG
Wood & Wire.PNG
Wood & Wire (Live @ Scoot Inn).PNG
Sons of Fathers (2).PNG
Sons of Fathers.PNG
Eugene Hideaway Bridges
Martin Zeller.PNG
Ron Lonhoiden
Eugene Hideaway Bridges.PNG
Tyler Gummersall
Tyler Gummersall.PNG
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (4).PNG
Hot Club of Cowtown
Hot Club of Cowtown.PNG
Texas Renegade
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (5).PNG
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (3).PNG
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (6).PNG
Roy Lonhoiden.PNG
K Phillips
Two Tons of Steel
K Phillips.PNG
Two Tons of Steel.PNG
Walt Wilkins &The Mystiqueros
Two Tons opf Steel (2).PNG
Larry Joe Taylor
Two Tons of Steel (2).PNG
Jeff Strahan
Texas Renegade (1).PNG
Texas Renegade (2).PNG
Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros.PNG
Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros (2).PNG
Larry Joe Taylor.PNG
Jeff Strahan.PNG
The Nimmo Brothers
The Nimmo Brothers.PNG
Jeff Plankenhorn
Jeff Plankenhorn.PNG
Green Mountain Grass
Green Mountain Grass (1).PNG
Bobby Duncan
Green Mountain Grass (2).PNG
Scott Wiggins Band
Robyn Ludwick
Robyn Ludwick.PNG
The Tejas Brothers
Tejas Brothers.PNG
Wayne "The Train" Hancock
Steve Nimmo
Stevie Nimmo.PNG
Susan Gibson
Terri Hendrix
Hunter Rea Band
Little Brave
Javi Garcia
Dennis Jay
Zach Aaron
Torino Black
Bob Slaughter
Jeremy Nail
Nouveaux Honkies
Sam Silva
Hard Lucy
Flounders Without Eyes
Ricky Espinoza
Two High String Band
Danielle Reich
Stephanie Briggs
Various Artist
Bret Graham
Sol Patch
Adler & Hearne
Jed Zimmerman
Tony Airoldi
Guthrie Kennard
The Lost Pines
Danny Fast Fingers
Scrappy Judd Newcomb
Captain of the AM
Green Light Pistol
Hardened & Tempered
Kevin Deal
John Patrick & the Keepers
Bobby Rambo
Eddie "Steel" Foster
The Hugh Fadal Band
Patty Gayle
Will Callery
Bart De Win
Beth Garner
The Harmony Theory
Movin' Target
G Fire
Tyler Cannon

Other Credits Include:

Dixie Chicks "Lucky Ones" single                                                        Jack Ingram "Auld Lang Sine" single

Eli Young Band “A Christmas Song” single                                        Michael Ramos “Charanga Cakewalk”

Mike Blakely “The Rest of the Breed”                                                 Bret Graham "Man in Black"

KTU "self titled"                                                                                     Bob Slaughter "Bob Here Now"

Victor Camozzi "Three Peso Cigar"                                                     Lightning "Lighting Strikes Twice"

Fascination 127 "The Rise and Fall of the Great Concert Halls"      Michael Klein "Stamp of Fate"

Austin Breeze "Tunes From the Hill Country"                                    Lloyd Bonham Band "Lloyd Bonham Band"

Thomas Michael Riley "Wild Town Texas"                                          Gregg Gormon "Hemingway's Own Gypsy"

Bybee D. James "Cross that Line"                                                       Forlini & Cross "Forlini & Cross"

LocoMotives "Lost"                                                                               Michael Myers  “Pedernales Summer”

Global Soul  “This is it”                                                                        Roger Len Smith “New Dark Ages”                                      LocoMotives "LocoMotives"                                                                 The Tea Merchants “Gaslight Snaps”

Dr. Zog "The Electric Crawfish Boil"                                                    Dr. Zog "Tropicosis"

John Boyd “Passing Strangers & Funny People”                               Fascination 127

The Jimmy Ray Guns “Company’s Comin’”                                        Jamie Cortinas “ Coyotes & Quail”

Peter Stray "Greystorm"                                                                       John Bendele "Texas as Texas Can Be"

Soniquete "Soniquete"                                                                          Rex Foster

Tovah                                                                                                      Blake Stutts Love County

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